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My Portfolio

I'm Betsy Wang. I'm currently working as a senior product designer at Unata in Toronto. 

You can download my CV here.

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Product Design

Admin Dashboard Redesign

Unata | 2018 

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 2.11.00 AM.png

Product Design

Shop For Recipes

Unata | 2017

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 1.17.01 PM.png


B2B Account Management

Rogers Communications  | 2015-2016



Other UX Projects

Rogers Communications  | 2014-2015

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 1.13.07 PM.png

UX | ui

Student Account Dashboard

University of Toronto | 2014

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 1.12.33 PM.png


Student Calendar

University of Toronto | 2013-2014