Product Designer
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Other UX Projects

UX | Rogers Communications | 2014-2016

Employee Validation Process


Enhanced employee validation process for customers under Rogers enterprise discount plan to validate their eligibility for discount. Projects for UX requirement involves end user, Rogers internal reps and also company telco-admins. 

My role  

UX lead for the project. Gathering business requirements and create workflows/storyboards for a high level work estimation for technology and business. Help identify the gaps in the user journey. Working with external design vendors for wireframes and visual design based on the workflow I created.


This project involved stakeholder from 2 different business unit in the company. Gathering requirement and make sure that the business objectives are might with a good customer experience. Also the portals needs to talk to very complex systems, working with technology for simple. clear experience for the user


Wifi Calling Setup 



Creating an activation flow for wifi calling- new feature in IOS9- for Rogers and Fido customers

My role

Creating wireframes and prototypes based on technology flows. Working with product owners and technology leads to define the experience.